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Customers that participate will earn 'quest' points for purchasing products, attending events at the Castle and for other acts of loyalty. Earn Quest points to move up in rank and reap the rewards The Wizard bestows. See below to learn how to start earning your quest points.

Level Rank Quest Points Rewards
0 Page 0 10% discount coupon for next visit; Birthday card from The Wizard each year good for $5 in the store
1 Squire 1,500 $10 off next purchase of $50 or more
2 Knight 2,500 Preferred Customer Level – see below for details
3 Hero 3,500 20% discount coupon for next visit; TWC mug
4 Master of the Dragon 5,000 Free TWC Shirt; Ability to ‘check-out’ games from our Game Closet; Ability to purchase one item at 40% discount; $50 gift card
5 Warden of the Towers 7,500 Free TWC Jacket; 20% discount on all purchases for the remainder of the year
6 Guardian of the Gates 12,000 Private game party at The Castle, including dinner for up to 8 people

Preferred Customer Level Members Receive:

  • Free pair of custom Wizard's Chest dice
  • 10% discount on all purchases for the remainder of the year
  • Free premium gift wrap
  • Free ground shipping or discounted express shipping
  • Access to exclusive shopping nights at the store (i.e., early bird specials to receive the best selection at Halloween, holiday shopping night in December)
  • Prize drawing reserved for preferred customers (i.e., movie tickets)

How to Earn Points:

  • Earn 500 quest points for signing up for the program and The Wizard’s Birthday Scroll.
  • Earn 5 quest points for each dollar you spend in the store. ¹
  • Earn quest points for attending events. ²
  • Earn 250 quest points for becoming our fan on any social media site.
  • Earn 500 quest points for the first time you write a review about us on Yelp.
  • Earn 250 quest points for referring a friend WHO SIGNS UP for our loyalty program.
  1. Please remember to mention that you are a member of this program when you check out.
  2. Ask an associate for an ‘Event Punch Card’. When you attend an event, you will receive one punch. Turn in your completed event card for 125 quest points, then get a fresh punch card to begin again.
  • Quest points will reset every year on July 1. 10% of your previous year’s quest points will carry over to the following year. Thus, if you have 5,750 points on June 30, you will begin the following year at 575 points and begin earning additional points from there.
  • Families can sign up jointly under one customer number and earn quest points together.
  • We will advertise certain days or events in which members can receive double quest points. Keep an eye out for announcements!

Now go forth to earn your place amongst the heroes of The Wizard's Chest. We thank you very much for the continued loyalty and hope to see you soon!

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