Magic Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party

Dec 03, 2022 2:00 PM - Dec 03, 2022 4:00 PM
The Wizard's Chest

Event Fee: Two packs of Jumpstart 2022 (~$14)

Join our launch party for Magic Jumpstart 2022! Each booster contains 1 insert indicating the pack’s theme and 20 cards revolving around that theme, including 1 card with anime-inspired art, a total of 1–2 cards of rarity rare or higher, and all the lands you need to play. Buy two packs, smash them together into one deck, and play opponents with combos made from 46 possible themes.

All participants will receive one promo Kibo, Uktabi Prince. Customers can also receive an additional Kibo promo for every two packs they purchase, while supplies last.

Magic Jumpstart 2022 Launch Party
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