Dice Masters Dark Phoenix Constructed Event

Jun 11, 2022 12:00 PM - Jun 11, 2022 6:00 PM
The Wizard's Chest

Entry Fee: $5
Register online through WizKids

Each player starts with 20 life.

Teams are built to the following specifications:
• 2 different Basic Action cards (with Basic Action Dice)
• Up to 8 Character and/or Action cards with up to 20 corresponding dice
o Players may bring any mix of characters and actions (except Basic actions)
o Players may mix team affiliations, heroes/villains, etc.
o As per standard rules, players may not have more than one Character/Action card
with the same title on it, even if the cards have different subtitles.
o Players may not have more dice on a card than its listed MAX value.
o Players may bring less than 8 cards/20 dice if they choose, however each card on a
Team must have at least one die assigned to it.

At the tournament, players reveal their Teams at the same time.

Players may not alter their Teams or Dice in between rounds (this includes swapping out one character for another with a different subtitle and/or changing the distribution of dice on their cards).

Dice Masters Dark Phoenix Constructed Event
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